Back Like a BackStreet Boy

Yes, me and my blog are back!  What? No applause? No teenage girl-like squeals? No swoons of excitement? How can that be? 

Probably because the 5 followers of my previous blog happened to mostly be my overly-enthusiastic mother and some too-kind friends who felt obligated to indulge me. But not to be daunted by the cold-shouldered silence of the blog-o-sphere, I have returned! And my mother couldn’t be more excited.

Actually, I’m pretty excited too. I enjoy writing and I love making jewelry, so blogging about jewelry making is something I’m always itching to do. But somehow I could never find the time to do it the “right” way…you know, writing a certain number of posts every week, regardless of whether or not I have anything interesting to say and feeling guilty if I don’t.  Which is why I ended my previous blog a while ago. So I’ve decided that the only right thing to do this time around is to share my life behind (and sometimes away from) the jeweler’s bench, along with the joys and realities of being a small independent craftsperson, businesswoman and all-around general lover of life — whenever I can, however I can. No timetables! No publishing schedule! I’m committed to planning to be unplanned! Who is this carefree, schedule-free girl???

Hopefully some of you out there will be interested and will want to share back. The best conversations are, after all, two-way! (Well, for most people, anyway. One notable exception being a close family member who recently, and seriously, expressed how much she loved to talk to herself. Name withheld to prevent awkward silences at family dinners).

More to come!



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